Summer Camp: The Most Southern Tips of Asia

Activities  in this Summer Camp program :

  1. Introduction to the state of Johor and the elements of the local population. This includes the introduction of traditional musical instruments such as gambus keroncong and ghazal, as well as Sukan Rakyat such as batu seremban and congkak.
  2. Participants are exposed to the diversity of cultural values in the community of Johor.
  3. Exploring the natural eco-system and finding solutions to preserve and conserve.
  4. Exploring the abilities and trained participants on how to communicate with the community.
  5. Enjoy and explore the beauty of nature in Southeast Asia.
  6. Recognize and explore the uniqueness of the Orang Asli community
  7. Recognize the features of effective leaders in the government, non-governmental organizations and community leader.
  8. Enjoy the experience of living with the villagers. Learn about culture, existing and the trust of local people.

Duration of program:  8 days




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