All Organizations  will be looking for ways to improve their services and management processes in order to remain competitive in the market. This calls for ways to reduce operation cost, enhance productivity and improve service quality. Therefore, companies must utilize all the available resources efficiently and effectively in order to cater their customers with high quality services. For these reasons, Achieving KPI Through Six Sigma Methodology as an improvement strategies and tools to satisfy companies objective.


 Therefore the main objectives are;


  • To learn powerful strategies of solving problems using

  advanced statistical approach to achieve GES Manufacturing  KPI.


  • To cover all areas of the Six Sigma concentrating on methodologies

  and latest tools & techniques.

  • To Improve communication skills in order to interact with all 

  levels within the organization.

  • To successfully complete groups/individual improvement projects within their respective areas.
  • To prepare participants to face global challenges.

To enhance career development opportunities.


Benefits To Organizations:

* Helps companies to produce services better, faster and cheaper

 * Remove wastages

 * Maximize customer satisfaction

 * Maximize service quality (develop close to zero defect services)

* Increase overall company’s productivity and efficiency

 * Save costs

 * To make sure the company is a data driven organization

* Faster cycle time

 * Empower employees

This course aims to increase knowledge and skills of Managers, Occupational Safety and Health (SHO), Supervisors, Science Officers, and operators involved in the management and operation of chemicals in accordance with legal requirements, especially Occupational Safety and Health (Usage and Standards) Exposure to Chemicals Hazardous to Health) 2000 or better known as USECHH Regulations. It is also a requirement for individuals interested in becoming a registered Assessor (knowing the criteria and process for the Risk Assessment for Hazardous Chemicals to Health (CHRA)) work.


10-day Course:


Module 1

2 days

Fundamental of Six Sigma Methodology


Module 2

2 days

DEFINE – Coaching/Presentation


Module 3

2 days

MEASURE – Coaching/Presentation


Module 4

2 days

ANALYSE – Coaching/Presentation


Module 5

2 days

IMPROVE – Coaching/Presentation


Module 6

2 days

CONTROL – Coaching/Presentation



Who Should Attend


  • Service Industry including Telecom, Banking and Financial

  Services, Health Care, Hotels, IT, ITES, KPOs, Airlines, Cargo 

  movement, Support Services, HR Services, Marketing Services, etc.

  •  Manufacturing Industry including Semiconductors, Automotives, Aerospace, Health Equipment, FMCG, Electronic Goods, Continuous Process  Industries, Textiles, etc

 R&D organizations or in R&D functions of various organizations