Augmented Reality(AR)

1 Course Title Augmented Reality(AR)
2 Type of Course Technical
3 Type of training ·         Classroom

·         Coaching (Practical session)

4 Duration (Days) 2 days (8 hours/day)
5 Course Overview This course will introduce the fundamental concepts of the Augmented Reality (AR) and its applications. AR technology brings users the chance to experience an augmented world by overlaying virtual information in the real world. This way the user can be in touch with both the real and virtual world and receive real-time data or statistics. Essentially, to fit in the IR4.0 environment, AR brings possibility of enhancing training and learning while reducing risks and cost.
6 Course Objective ·         To introduce the concept of AR and its applications;

·         To demonstrate the use of development tools for AR applications;

·         To guide development of an AR application

7 Learning Outcome ·         Able to apply development tools for AR application

·         Able to  develop an AR application

8 Target Group Technicians, engineers
1 How AR works, types of AR targets, AR applications To introduce the concept of AR application Able to describe the concept of AR in various applications 2
2 Software requirements for AR applications To identify the software requirements to develop AR applications Able to describe the purpose of the software required for AR application development 2
3 AR creation platforms To setup the platforms prior to building AR applications Able to install the components required for AR application development 4
4 Image manipulation and programming To manipulate images and modify code Able to convert images to data sets for manipulation and modify code for AR application 4
5 Building AR applications To build AR application on mobile devices Able to produce an AR application for a mobile device 4