Certificate for Strategic Facilities Management

(11 – 12 September 2019)

-This course is designed typically for those working at a middle and senior management level and responsible for more specialised and complex functions in the field of facilities management. This course is aimed to provide knowledge and skill that enabling the participants to develop specialised knowledge independently & critically thinking to deliver the best results. This course is suitable for those aspiring to be heading up site operations; service provision; partner relationships; performance management; major projects critical legislative health & safety; and finance.

2-day course outline:

Module 1 Organisational and Strategic Facilities Management
Module 2 Human Resource Management
Module 3 Leadership and Management
Module 4 Financial & Business Management
Module 5 Quality & Value Management
Module 6 Trend and development in Facilities Management

Course Assessment and Delivery

This course will be delivered for some real situations and challenges, clear learning outcomes setting out the knowledge and skills needed, with a classroom session at the heart. Assessment tasks are practical and work based, reflecting life business projects and activities. This hands-on training will be some simple and short pre work, including face-to-face, group discussion, presentations as well as post event implementations to ensure the participants get real returns of immediate value back in business.

Who should participate?

  • Senior Facilities Manager
  • Senior Premises Manager
  • Senior Contact Manager
  • Senior Account/finance manager
  • Senior Human Resource Manager
  • Senior Head of Facilities Management Project
  • Senior Head of Facilities Management Unit
  • Senior Head of Health & Safety


HRDF Claimable

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Tel: (o)+6012-257 6401,

(Mobile)+6 (0)19 691 7014 Ms Hanita

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  • Individual registration: RM 780
  • Group Registration (minimum 3 persons) : RM 700