Energy Measurement & Verification

(23-24 September & 9-10 December 2019)

-Many factors influence how much energy a facility uses, such as technology, weather and the number of staff using a site. As a result, working out how much energy an energy efficiency upgrade is saving requires more than just metering.

Energy professionals need to use accurate measurement and a repeatable methodology, known as a measurement and verification (M&V) protocol. M&V methods and processes are used to measure and verify, in a defined, transparent way, the energy savings resulting from planned changes to all or parts of a specific facility or a group of specific facilities.

Who are they for?

  • person to design an M&V strategy for projects that complies with the IPMVP; and
  • person to manage the savings verification process for both internal and external reporting.

2-day course outline:

Module 1 Introduction to Energy Management and M&V
Module 2 M&V Framework, Option and Plan
Module 3 M&V Analysis: Part 1
Module 4 M&V Analysis: Part 2
Module 5 Sampling & Uncertainty Analysis
Module 6 M&V Costing
Module 7 Hands-On Session: Case Study

Course Assessment and Delivery

Traning and hands-on.

Who should participate?

    • fresh graduate
    • practicing graduate engineer
    • professional engineer
    • energy manager

HRDF Claimable

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  • Group Registration (minimum 3 persons) : RM 2,000

HRDF Claimable