Hazardous Chemical Handling Training

Course           :     Hazardous Chemical Handling Training


CEP Point      :     10 CEP Point awarded by DOSH



This course aims to increase knowledge and skills of Managers, Occupational Safety and Health (SHO), Supervisors, Science Officers, and operators involved in the management and operation of chemicals in accordance with legal requirements, especially Occupational Safety and Health (Usage and Standards) Exposure to Chemicals Hazardous to Health) 2000 or better known as USECHH Regulations. It is also a requirement for individuals interested in becoming a registered Assessor (knowing the criteria and process for the Risk Assessment for Hazardous Chemicals to Health (CHRA) work.


2-day Modul Content:


Module 1 Introduction to OSH Legislations for Chemicals in Malaysia
Module 2 Chemical Hazard Classifications
Module 3 Safety Data Sheet, Labelling and Warning Sign
Module 4 Risk and Hazard Control
Module 5 Chemical Handling
Module 6 Basic Chemical Spillage Control




Senior Operation Manager, Senior Engineering Manager, Senior Contact Manager, Senior Account/finance manager, Senior Human Resource Manager, Senior Head of Facilities Management Project, Senior Head of System Management Unit, Senior Head of Health & Safety

Staff who involves in safety and health in industry



  • Individual exercises
  • Role play
  • Case studies
  • Individual and group discussion