(2 Days)

– This course design to improve knowledge on landscape maintenance management by gaining overall overview of the field and enhance skills in managing landscape maintenance effectively. Further more it will increase participant value as landscape workers among the competitive landscape construction and maintenance market.

This course will provide an overall overview of an effective and systematic landscape maintenance management to the participant. This course allow participant to gain better understanding on a good practice of landscape maintenance through holistic course module comprising of both hardscape and softscape maintenance management. The softscape maintenance management module covers all type of tree maintenance which are Main Tree, Palm Tree, Shrubs, Cover Crop, Climbing Trees and Turf. This course will also aid the participants especially the landscape workers to enhance their credibility and capability for a better works quality.

i. General Workers

i. Understanding the basic and the importance of a good landscape maintenance management.
ii. Understanding the correct and effective method in managing a landscape maintenance. iii. Understanding the different requirement of maintenance for different type of trees.

– Course Content – 

1.30 Amalan Pengurusan Penyelenggaraan Landskap
1.30 Penyelenggaraan Landskap Kejur
3.00 Penyelenggaraan Landskap Lembut- Pokok Utama dan Pokok Palma
3.00 Penyelenggaraan Landskap Lembut – Pokok Renek, Penutup Bumi Dan Memanjat
3.00 Penyelenggaraan Landskap Lembut – Turf


  • Individual : RM 480.00